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43+ Stifado Recipes Background

43+ Stifado Recipes
. Говядина — 0,5 килограмма, лук — 3 штуки, помидор — 2 штуки, чеснок — 2 зубчика, корица — 1 щепотка, базилик — 1 щепотка, орегано — 1 щепотка, розмарин — 1 щепотка, соль — по вкусу, оливковое масло — 1 ст. Stifado is most often made with rabbit or beef, and we have these recipes and lots more.

Stifado Greek Beef Stew Artandkitchen
Stifado Greek Beef Stew Artandkitchen from

The traditional greek beef stifado recipe calls for kokaria onions, which are greek beef stifado is a very easy recipe to follow. Stifado recipe ingredients for four people. The only thing that can be a bit time consuming is peeling all those onions.

Prepare this stifado recipe with beef, lamb or rabbit.

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small amount of money if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. It is served by putting the pan in the middle of the table, whereupon the guests can dish out their own portion on their plates or bowls. A traditional greek meat stew, stifado can be made with pork or rabbit as well as beef. I like the last option best as it reminds me of the times.