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50+ Dried Soy Meat Recipes Images

50+ Dried Soy Meat Recipes Images. Use an amount of water or stock equal to the amount of soya meat you're cooking. Prepare the roast from the onions and add to it pieces of soy.

10 Best Dried Soy Meat Recipes Yummly
10 Best Dried Soy Meat Recipes Yummly from

This recipe is perfect to. I've even had them, dried but… You can certainly dry meat in any dehydrator.

Serve it over a bowl of rice or use it to substitute meats in meat dishes such as lasagnas, bolognese, meatballs, etc.

Posted in recipes on thursday, february 14th, 2008 at 8:38 am, posted in the recipe categories: This is a filling chinese dish with lots of protein and yummy veggies!submitted by: Vegan ragù ingredients 85 gr or 2 cups of dried soy meat hot water 3 sticks of celery 1 medium size carrot half onion 2. It is often used as a meat i am not sure how popular soy chunks or granules are around the world.