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Download Blue Spirulina Powder Recipes PNG

Download Blue Spirulina Powder Recipes PNG. A simple way to enjoy healthy antioxidants is to simply mix blue spirulina powder into heated milk with your desired flavorings. It's great to blend in your smoothies, blue latte or make blue pancakes with.

100 Natural Blue Spirulina Powder
100 Natural Blue Spirulina Powder from

Organic spirulina powder is also available and can be easily combined with other superfoods to create a nutritious and delicious spirulina smoothie. 1 cup of water, green tea, or apple juice. Do you want to try the next famous superfood?

Our blue spirulina powder is a chemical free extract of spirulina, which shows its stunning blue pigment.

Spirulina powder, frozen blueberries, mint, frozen blueberries and 5 more. You can add blue spirulina to juices, smoothies, bowls, baked goods, and more! People say blue is one of the spirulina powder food recipes. Since this type of spirulina powder is nothing more than phycocyanin in its purest form, it has a bright blue pigment without any traces of green.