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Get Grey Goose La Poire Recipes Pics

Get Grey Goose La Poire Recipes
. Ingredients 2 parts grey goose® la poire flavored vodka 1/2 part canton ginger liqueur The subtle sweetness and mellow flavour of grey goose® la poire vodka mingles effortlessly with black chocolate and hazelnut liqueur, simple syrup, cream and milk, resulting in a provocative, creamy concoction.

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A gyümölcsös zamatokat a csonthéjasok jellegzetességei, valamint vadvirágos, mézes jegyzetek is követik. Originally conceived by cellar master francois thibault, it was inspired by pear tarts crafted by a friend of his who was a pastry chef. Build in a glass with ice.

A rich medley of fresh pears produces the complex.

Bottom line is grey goose is no better than countless other vodkas on the market. Lead art director for print and photography, print designer. Grey goose pear vodka is specifically to reflect the taste and freshness of an anjou pear a classic flavour of french cuisine. Add grey goose and top with chilled soda.