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View Dry Soya Bean Recipes Gif. The edamame soya beans are optional but very good for you. Edamame beans are a small, green variety of soya beans you'll often find in japanese recipes.

Dry Soya Peas Recipe Youtube
Dry Soya Peas Recipe Youtube from

Also you can spread the batter so thin, it's like a tissue paper. Add the edamame dried beans slowly to the boiling water so that water keeps boiling. And little water (1/4 cup).

3 cups green soya beans (or dried soaked soya bean), water, 3 cups fresh milk, 6 tablespoons butter or ghee, 6 tablespoons wheat flour, one teaspoon salt, pepper to taste, one cup buttered bread crumbs.

Now take them in a pressure cooker. Soya bean ke kabab #kabab #soyabeankabab #cookwithlubna ingredients: Make dinner tonight, get skills for a lifetime. Dry soya beans are saoked in water for whole night.